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towards a better, healthier & greener environment

M/s Eco Consultant Services established in the year 2008, Eco Consultant Services is ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

The organization provides consulting services by end to end solution for environment sector. The organization is environment sector consultancy as well as organized professional services in the state of art manner, comprising a wide range of research and consultancy services in diverse area of environment management, community development project, program monitoring evaluation, and market research. The company has working in preparation of mining plans and environment management plans, digital mapping, data analysis, web GIS Development and software tool development and reporting services with Government and Corporate. We also outsource the Human Resources.

Our expert team is our asset. For each project, we assemble an experienced team of professionals with expertise in disciplines necessary to address the specific challenges of the projects. Our in house and empanelled experts include environmentalists, engineers, scientists, lawyers, social activists, sociologists, academicians, planner and dedicated people from various functional areas.

managing environment

Sooner or later, we will have to recognize that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.


  • To be the top most environmental consultant and contribute towards a clean, healthy and well protected environment supporting a sustainable society and economy.


  • To administer robust environmental impact assessment in the planning of new projects
  • To wisely utilize natural resources for sustainable development.
  • To protect and improve the environment as a valuable asset for the people of India.
  • To raise community awareness of and promote public support for issues related to environmental protection, energy and conservation.


  • Planet earth First; as we have only one planet to live upon.
  • Team spirit; as we rise by lifting others.
  • Adopting new technologies for better work.
  • Make it happen; don’t just plan, implement.

Our clients

Eco Consultant Services is engaged by prestigious organizations some of them are listed below.
  • M/s Agrawal Industries, Barabanki.
  • M/s Alert Industries Pvt. Ltd., Barabanki.
  • M/s Atlantis Hospital, Lucknow.
  • M/s Deep Hotel, Lucknow.
  • M/s Ganpat metals, Barabanki.
  • M/s Ganpati Agri Buisiness., Barabanki.
  • M/s Green Rice Product Pvt. Ltd., Barabanki.
  • M/s Kapoor Concrete Products, Barabanki.
  • M/s Kunal Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow.
  • M/s Mayur Kattha, Barabanki.
  • M/s Mahesh Namkeen Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow.
  • M/s Ramayan projects Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow.
  • M/s Reeda Manufacturing Project Pvt. Ltd., Barabanki.
  • M/s S R B Infra, Barabanki.
  • M/s Sapna Continental, Lucknow.
  • M/s Shree Construction and Leisure Pvt. Ltd. (Ranjeesh Hotel), Lucknow.
  • M/s Shree Rani Sati Overseas Pvt. Ltd., Barabanki.
  • M/s Shree Sai foods., Barabanki.
  • M/s Shree Sai Industries, Barabanki.
  • M/s Shree Industries, Barabanki.
  • M/s Vijan Drug Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Barabanki.
  • M/s Chauhan Guest House, Barabanki.
  • M/s Chintpurni Engineering work Pvt. Ltd., Barabanki.
  • M/s Dollar Plywood, Lucknow.
  • M/s Ganpat Metals, Barabanki.
  • M/s Ganpati Agree business, Barabanki.
  • M/s Gyan Cirkitronics Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow.
  • M/s Kallory Foods Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow.
  • M/s Kapoor Industries, Barabanki.
  • M/s Kunal Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow
  • M/s Kunal Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow
  • M/s Mahendra Engineering Limited, Lucknow.
  • M/s Manali pigments Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow.
  • M/s MG Autosales Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow.
  • M/s Pramod Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow.
  • M/s Seeman Coatings Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow.
  • M/s Shree Construction and Leisure Pvt. Ltd., (Ranjeesh Hotel)Lucknow.
  • M/s Shree Rani Sati overseas Pvt. Ltd., Barabanki.
  • M/s Shree Sai Industries, Barabanki.
  • M/s Tata tale Services Ltd., Ghaziabad.
  • M/s Tata tale Services Ltd., Noida.
  • ………………
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